Rörmontage i Nyköping AB


Rörmontage i Nyköping AB was founded 1975 by Malte Lindén.
In the beginning Astra where our only client, but in the years to come we got other  customers in pharmaceutical and foodprocessing industries like GB glace, Margarinbolaget, Pharmacia, Gist-Brocades and Alfa-Laval.
We also been doing some major jobs abroad, our first was Astras plant in Wuxi China. After that we have been in Switzerland, Norway, Germany, France, and Austrailia.

Today we have 17 employees, some of them are travel fitters and the rest of them works on our big workshop in Nyköping.

At the main workshop in Nyköping the manufacturing complies with the high sat standards of hygiene and corrosion resistance that our clients have. For example Valvemodules for Alfa laval and cromatograph units for Amersham Pharmacia biotech, and our own hygienic heatexchangers. We also prefabricates whole plants for the pharmaceutical and foodprocessing industries.

Since we have a lot of space in our main workshop it´s possible to build large pipesystems including  tanks, reactors e.t.c. With access to all tools and traverse e.t.c we can gain both time and quality since admittancee to a construction site can be both limited a squalid. By make use of this method most efforts are already done when the building is ready for refitting of the equipment.

As you understand it´s stainless steel and noble metal like Titanium, Hastelloy and SMO that we work with. Our strenght is to shape and weld in these materials. But in the end it´s our gathered knowledge about all parts in a processing plant that is our strength.

A common statement is that the welding skills are decisive to build plants with high level of complexity and hygienic demands in these materials, but we have learned that there are a great number of steps that´s important, from logistics to surface finish if you like to maintain a high level of quality. 

Pipebending is one of our specialities, stainless steel pipes are specially suited because the good cold workabillty. And we got the machines to do it, 9 hydraulic and 3 worked by hand pipebending machines.

Branching machines and manufacturing of T-joints is another speciality that together with pipebending saves us a lot of weld joints. the common way to do it is by use of s.t.d bends and T-pieces that´s welded together. 

Bending and making of own T-joints on the pipes often results in less time consumption and higher quality since there are less weld joints. Still there are just a few companies that uses the same equipment as we do.

The process skills of our pipe fitters has saved our clients lots of money, since they often sees the problem already on the drawing stage and can suggest a better solution.

We also have a small construction departement with access to the latest 3D-modeling software.

Higher and higher demands from customers, work environmentaly reasons and our experience that stainless steel ain´t stainless steel until it´s correctly surfacetreated has made us investing in a new plant for passivation, degreasing, pickling and electropolishing.

Here we can restore the passive layer that has been damaged during preparing and welding. we can also meet the requirements of surface finish due to hygienic and appearence reasons.

We have schoosen not to implement any qualification system like the ISO 9000 since our comprehension is that it only involves more money and paper work.

Instead we concentrate on the main issue that is ( from our point of view ) real quality, to always do every step in the most efficient and accurate way. With the right tools and smart solutions the quality and price speaks for itself.

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